Mies News 022019
January 2019

Ikebana at Mies van der Rohe Haus
KPM – Königlich Porzellan-Manufaktur

Lively, changing and new - the Bauhaus vase HALLE by Marguerite Friedlaender, developed in 1929 for the KPM Berlin, comes in all its dignity in twelve acts. The simple geometric shape of this vase is the starting point and reference point for a staging that reconciles architecture, design and art. She is constantly re-equipped with various Ikebana arrangements by Ikebana artist Reinald Eckert, including plants from the garden Lemke. The design picks up the game of the seasons. Naroska is commissioned by the Royal Porcelain Manufactory with the photographic documentation.

Stue News 022019
January 2019

Collection Elleke. Decades of Desire – André Rival
Das Stue

The hotel "SO / Berlin Das Stue" is one of the luxury addresses in the old west of Berlin. In a permanent exhibition in the rooms, conference rooms and corridors of the hotel, a part of the "Collection Elleke" will be shown with the series "Decades of Desire" with photographs by André Rival. For the guests of the house Naroska was commissioned with the design of a brochure, which provides an overview of the selected work of the photographer.

Tod News 022019
January 2019

The last image – photography and death
C/O Berlin

Living and dying, loving and letting go - pictures, films, books or music dealing with death touch our biggest fears about the finite nature of being and its own transience. Photographs can portray the dramas of killing, dying and death in such intensity and complexity that the dead still seem to live. The book brings together for the first time a variety of examples from private, journalistic and scientific photography in a wide range of artistic works including Bertolt Brecht, Larry Clark, Tacita Dean, Thomas Demand, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Nan Goldin, Douglas Gordon, Thomas Hirschhorn, Gerhard Richter, Andy Warhol and many more. The book designed by Naroska for the exhibition was published by Spector Books, Leipzig.

Araki 01
December 2018

Nobuyoshi Araki

Today, Nobuyoshi Araki is one of the most influential and widely discussed artists in the world whose work deals with nakedness, sexuality, and the body in a radical and realistic way. What is in equal parts moving and unsettling to the viewer is the photographer’s lack of distance. His extreme intimacy with the subjects and the situations depicted is unique and revolutionary. As one of the pioneers of intimate, subjective photography, Araki not only is part of his subjects’ lives; he also plays a central role in his own photographs. In some works, he gets physical by ripping, cutting, and recomposing his images. The book designed by Naroska covers 360 pages and was produced by Steidl.

Mies Avanti 02
December 2018

Avanti Avanti 100 – 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Avanit Avanti 100 is the motto for the 100th anniversary Bauhaus in the Mies van der Rohe house. The year 2019 starts with a New Year's reception and subsequently with various exhibitions for the anniversary. The invitation cards are based on the same font, which is always rearranged typographically. So each event gets its own but despite everything recognizable design.

Mies Schriftenreihe 02
November 2018

Mies van der Rohe Haus – Schriftenreihe 3

The third edition of the Mies van der Rohe House series titled "Mies - sit and lie" deals with sitting and lying down. The starting point was the furniture designed by Mies van der Rohe for the Lemke couple. Designed by Naroska, a 340-page paperback was published, published by the publisher Form + Zweck.

Revolution 03
September 2018

100 Jahre Revolution – Berlin 1918/19

With the project 100 Years of Revolution - Berlin 1918/19, more than 60 institutions, including museums, historical associations, memorial and educational institutions and artists, together with cultural projects in Berlin, recall the events of the 1918-19 revolution for five months and look with citywide Exhibitions and events on the consequences to the present day. "Gather!", "Make Peace!" Or "Solidify Yourself!" Are three of a total of seven titles that stand for the overarching topics of the project 100 Years of Revolution Berlin - 1918/19. The campaign is fly sheets and posters from the time. The big red exclamation mark is the basic element and eye catcher. On the one hand, it identifies the places where events relevant to history took place and, on the other hand, serves for billposting in the city and as an element for use in the activities of all partner institutions.

0218 Erfurt Buch
January 2018

Stephan Erfurt – On the Road
Kehrer Publishing

»Of course, it all comes down to light. Obviously light is essential in photography, but Stephan Erfurt’s American photographs nonetheless take a unique approach to the question of what shines the brightest: is it nature or technology, the old or the new, the sky or neon signs? Erfurt—who had once aspired to become a sign painter before he turned to photography—uses his subtle pictures to show that, while there will never be one definitive answer to this question, it is posed in an entirely new and different way in America than in his birthplace of Old Europe, where clear binaries of high and low, heaven and earth are proudly maintained.« – from the text by Florian Illies enclused in teh book designed by Naroska.

Naroska News 17 09
December 2017

Nur mit Euch
Kulturprojekte Berlin

Berlin is expecting around one million visitors for the central celebration of the Day of German Unity in 2018. The task for this festival was to develop a visual identitiy that is extremely flexible but still highly recognizable, sympathetic, involving all citizens and friends from Europe and around the world. The slogan “Only with you” reflects exactly that. Without Europe and without the world, this peaceful revolution would not have been possible. The main component of the appearance developed by Naroska symbolizes a confetti rain, standing for the celebrating people on one hand and on the other hand for the reunified Germany.

Naroska News 17 08
November 2017

Organic Distillery essences

Fruit brandies have been distilled at the fruit farm Brugger at the  Bodensee for a hundred years and now in the 4th generation. The Organic Distillery was founded there in 2014 - with pioneering ideas and methods, it unites science and crafts. The Organic Distillery Essences are stimulating the nose and the palate and inviting you to experiment and sharpen your senses, whether by chefs, bartenders or indulgence people. Naroska developed the packaging concept for this new product line.

Naroska News 17 06
October 2017

Danny Lyon
C/O Berlin Foundation, Berlin

Danny Lyon, son of Jewish immigrants, is 21 years young, fearless and a student at the University of Chicago, when he made shots of The Bikeriders (1966) close and insistent on the relentless life in the midst of Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club—even before the American cult movie Easy Rider (1969) comes to the cinemas and the romantic ideas as well as the lifestyle of independence, freedom, highway and Harley-Davidson become popular and mainstream. For the exhibition appearance, Naroska handprinted the lettering for all printed matter and the exhibition with old wooden letters, which were later digitized.

Naroska News 17 05
October 2017

Pluriversum – Alexander Kluge
Museum Folkwang, Essen

Alexander Kluge sees himself as an author. With films, texts, interviews and much more he inspires his readers, listeners and spectators. On the occasion of his 85th birthday, the Museum Folkwang presented his works in a comprehensive exhibition that reveals the essence of his multimedia work. Naroska visualized the exhibition title “Pluriversum” through star-filled lettering. Thus creating an impression of looking through a keyhole into the world of Alexander Kluge.

Naroska News 17 03
September 2017

Simple and moving
Mies van der Rohe House, Berlin

The present book “Mies van der Rohe—Simple and moving” is a photographic tour of the house Lemke and the property in Berlin-Weißensee. It contains all important informations and makes the clear beauty of the house understandable. In doing so, it shows the qualities of the building: simplicity and beauty, paired with functionality in living. The aesthetic play of inside and outside, architecture and garden, man and nature is unique. The book contains photographs of Howard Dearstyne, texts by Dr. Wita Noack, director of the house and a recent photo series by René Müller, in which he reacts to the historical photographs of the Bauhaus student. The book designed by Naroska unites the appearance with the simplicity of the Mies van der Rohe house.

Naroska News 17 02
September 2017

M100 – Sanssouci Colloquium 2017

Each year, the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium invites internationally renowned senior editors and opinion shapers to discuss current political, social and media-policy issues in Potsdam’s historical palaces and gardens. Over the years, the event has developed into a modern-day bridge-builder between East and West, fostering long-term dialogue and exchange between media representatives from different cultures and regions, and analysing the influence of different media on social and political processes around the world. True to the dictates of simplicity and conciseness, the word mark developed for M100 is based on a simple typographical equation, »1+1=M«. The design of the M100 Media Award, bestowed each year during the Colloquium, features an image of a human head in profile, made up of the countries of Europe. Naroska’s design for the prize reflects the institution’s ideal of »giving Europe a profile«.

Naroska Mies Haus Kunst in der Natur news
March 2017

Mies van der Rohe Haus – Schriftenreihe 2

The second edition of the Mies van der Rohe series, titled “The Art in Nature”, deals with the natural space of the garden of the house as well as the architectural design. Designed by Naroska, a 340 page paperback was published by Form + Zweck.

Naroska EU 60 Jahre Roemische Vertraege news
March 2017

It is Your Europe—60 Years Roman Treaties
European Commission Representation in Germany

60 years European Union. This anniversary is celebrated in. Naroska was commissioned to develop a campaign. 60 years are 60 good reasons for Europe. Twelve of them were selected and a poster campaign developed. Due to the success, over 100,000 postcards with the motifs were produced. The posters found their use in the whole of Berlin and a book was created on the occasion of the festivities.

Naroska Tokyoto news
March 2017

Naroska – Tokyoto

Selfpublishing makes happy. A journey to Tokyo and Kyoto inspired this 160-page photo book. It is not the hunt for the sights but rather for the Japanese peculiarities and for European curiosities. The book is self-published in a small edition.

Naroska CO Image Broschuere news
March 2017

C/O Berlin Foundation – Imagebroschüre

In order to convey the idea of C/O Berlin to donors and sponsors, Naroska developed a new image brochure, which is not one of the usual self-portrayals. In this brochure, visitors, workshop participants, celebrities, photographers and politicians will present their statement on C/O Berlin and its activities. Free according to the motto “Do good and let others talk about it.”

spiegelbuch news
September 2015

Mies van der Rohe Haus—Schriftenreihe 1

A new annual edition has been added to the series of publications by Mies van der Rohe Haus in Berlin. The title of the first edition, featuring a collection of essays and lectures, is »Spiegel – Mies van der Rohe und die Geschichte von Glanz und Abglanz« (Mirrors—Mies van der Rohe and the history of splendour and reflected splendour). The book was published by Form + Zweck.

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lalalana news
September 2015

Lala Berlin / Lana Grossa

The partnership between LALA Berlin, one of the most successful German fashion labels, and LANA ROSSA, an exclusive manufacturer of hand-knitting yarns, is steeped in tradition. The brands have created two yarns together and an exclusive joint collection where luxurious materials meet visionary design. LALA Berlin offers knitting patterns for scarves, hats and coats, etc., which can be ordered with the required yarns and knitting needles—DIY couture, so to speak. Naroska was tasked with designing the promotional material and packaging.

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veram news
August 2015

Vera Mercer—Life

Vera Mercer’s still life photographs are reminiscent of opulent paintings of feasts and medieval banquets.  She places flowers, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in morbid settings.  Matthias Harder, curator at the Helmut Newton Foundation, published a book with Distanz publishers to accompany a series of exhibitions in Germany and the United States.

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rudi news
August 2015

Rudi Meisel—Landsleute
1977—1987 . Two Germanys

Rudi Meisel was one of the few West German photographers to regularly visit the GDR. Commissioned by various  media, he was able to document everyday life across the border over a period of eleven years—a very special opportunity at that time. He captured the daily lives of ordinary people in both the FRG and the GDR. His photojournalistic documents create a unique historical archive that shows astonishing similarity on both sides. Naroska created the promotional material and signage for the exhibition at Amerika Haus, and helped produce a book, published by Kehrer.

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comfort news
July 2015

Alfred Steffen – Comfort Zone

The Crackers shows a up to now unpublished series from the early days of the legendary club Cookies. In the year 2001 Alfred Steffen photographed for three nights in a row at the Cookies, documenting the wild days of Berlin in the beginning of the new millennium. For the last 14 years these pictures have been kept under the wraps. Accompanying the exhibition COMFORT ZONE a newspaper in the »Berlin format« with 11 pictures, a text from David Pfeiffer and a interview between Alfred Steffen and Nadine Barth (Hatje Cantz publishing house) was published.

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vogelbeere news
July 2015

Vogelbeer Brand

Vogelbeer Brand is the result of a highly complex distillation process: 450 kg of rowan berries are required to produce around 1.6 litres of this fruit brandy. The distiller determines the strength of the spirit, hence the addition of the words »Distiller’s Strength«. In keeping with Organic Distillery tradition, this special edition is »hand-bottled«—i.e. filled by hand and unfiltered. A total of eight bottles of this precious liqueur have been produced. The labels all include hand-written details from the distillers, reflecting the individuality and quality of the contents.

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attitude news
July 2015


Zurich-based architectural firm StudioForma was commissioned to design and refurbish Attitude’s four Swiss boutiques in Zurich, Montreux, Crans-Montana and Gstaad. The firm used only the finest materials in order to meet the standards expected of the boutique, which houses haute couture from brands including Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Jimmy Choo. The newly developed monochrome visual identity remains very much in the background, allowing the fashion items to take centre stage. Instead, it is subtle techniques such as foil and blind embossing that lend the new business stationery its high-quality finish.

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lala news
July 2015

lala Berlin

Fashion label lala Berlin has a fresh and unique approach that succeeds in capturing the city’s unusual and transient chic in unconventionally elegant collections. The label has come to represent Berlin in the international fashion arena. Naroska was commissioned to design the invitation cards and lookbooks for the Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

bvg news
June 2015

The invention that got Berlin moving—150 years of the tram BVG—Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

One hundred and fifty years ago in 1865, an experiment began in Berlin that was to change the future of transport: a double-decker horse-drawn carriage that ran »across the countryside« from the Brandenburg Gate to Charlottenburg on tracks—Germany’s first ever tramway. In 1881, following Werner von Siemens’ brilliant discovery of the dynamo-electric principle, the first electric tram in the world was born—fondly dubbed the »electric« by Berliners. The invention, first introduced in the Berlin suburb of Gross-Lichterfelde, was fast adopted around the globe, long before the arrival of underground trains, coaches, buses or cars. The concept for the book Die Bahn, die Berlin bewegt – 150 Jahre Straßenbahn (The invention that got Berlin moving—150 years of the tram) was developed by Harf Zimmermann, Georg Hiller von Gaetringen and Naroska. The result is not just a book about the history of Berlin’s tram system; it is a sketch of the city’s history as a whole.

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binschtok news
June 2015

C/O Berlin—Viktoria Binschtok

C/O Berlin’s new series THINKING ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHY focuses on current trends in contemporary photography. The new exhibition format reflects the latest artistic developments in the medium, and was launched with an exhibition of works by artist Viktoria Binschtok as well as texts from four international authors. The series explores new modes of photographic production, perception and presentation—themes that are also taken up in the elaborate design of the catalogue.

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vdu news
June 2015

VdU—German Association of Women Entrepreneurs

Once a year, members of the VdU meet to discuss the future of women entrepreneurs in Germany. The theme for 2015 was »Women Entrepreneurs 4.0«. The event was given a leading-edge look through the integration of icons in the visual identity.

santaverde  news
May 2015


High-quality, ecologically sustainable products are becoming a part of the daily lives of more and more people. For almost three decades, Santaverde, based in Spain and Germany, has been researching, developing and producing natural cosmetics and dietary supplements made from premium organic aloe vera. Fundamental changes to international markets made it necessary to redefine and reposition the Santaverde brand to give it a more contemporary image.

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salgado news
April 2015

C/O Berlin—Sebastiao Salgado

Archaic volcanic landscapes, arctic ice masses, meandering river canyons, mountain chains enveloped in mist, primordial rainforests and endless sand dunes—Genesis is a visual homage to the blue planet. In opulent black-and-white photographs, the photographer Sebastião Salgado documents the stunning beauty and rich diversity of intact flora and fauna, as well as indigene peoples. His aesthetically impressive, large format photographic series is the result of an expedition lasting several years, with the goal of heightening people’s awareness for the preciousness of the last untouched corners of the earth. The Genesis project is Sebastião Salgado’s appeal to civilization to preserve part of the planet in all its original and fascinating diversity. The design of the printed materials and the exhibition tries to approach the aesthetic photographies of Salgado by form  of classical usage of typography and an foil-embossed finishing.

Peter Lindbergh Book Signing
March 2015

Peter Lindbergh Book Signing

Poster for the Peter Lindbergh Book Signing

goodme news
March 2015


Stress, too much work, bad food and lack of physical activity. goodme natural superfood is a 100% natural and high quality supplement for daily usage. In cooperation with Dr. Förster GmbH Ursual Karven developed supplements for all health-conscious people. The products help to detox, cleanse or simply make the user feel more active and alert. The name and logo developed by Naroska in cooperation with Ursula Karven has a clear message: It’s good for me. First applications are labels for supplement powder and an website plus online-shop.

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March 2015

Lore Krüger—A Suitcase Full of Pictures . Photographs 1934–1944

Magdeburg, London, Mallorca, Barcelona, Paris, Marseille, Trinidad, New York, Wisconsin, Berlin: these were stops along the route of an eventful escape—a moving, existential mid-twentieth century odyssey. After the rise of the National Socialists German Jewish photographer Lore Krüger (1914–2009) experienced and survived resistance, persecution, imprisonment, internment camp, emigration, and exile. The camera and a suitcase with photographs always traveling with her. The last existing prints were on display at the exhibition and in the book. The portrait of Lore Krüger on the cover of the book was taken by Florence Henri, her teacher at the beginning of her career. Lore Krüger’s signature, which can be found on the back of her photographs, was the base for the exhibition- and bookdesign.

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Icke Berliner news
March 2015

Ick bin ein Berliner

Most city souvenirs are not made for the young and cool Berlin tourist. The tourist who is on the one hand interested in Berlins cultural life but also in it’s famous nightlife. For this target audience Naroska developed a marketing concept with the slogan »ick bin ein berliner«. The design combines the look of old punk records with half tone pictures of Berlins most prominet places and people.

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tagesspiegel news
December 2014


On 9 November, the Tagesspiegel newspaper released a special issue to celebrate 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Marc Naroska was invited to work on the new design along with the newspaper’s editorial team and photographers Harf Zimmermann and Jim Rakete. The team developed a concept within three months. Writers that featured in the issue included Wim Wenders, Christo, Klaus Wowereit, Gerhard Falkner, Klaus Töpfer, Antje Vollmer and Klaus Biesenbach. Naroska and his staff also developed the design for the double pages in collaboration with the Tagesspiegel’s Art Director. The result was a very special issue for this special anniversary.

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organic distillery news
December 2014

Ginn & Ginnie

Sensory analyst Christine Brugger has launched two different gins: a masculine »Gin« and a feminine »Ginnie«. The names recall the djinns of Arabic fairy tales, magical creatures that reside in lamps. The ingredients and spices used in the gins also have Middle Eastern origins. This is reflected in the Middle Eastern bottle design with a font that recalls the Arabian Nights. The beautiful bottles of this artisan gin are filled, labelled and corked by hand.

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coberlin zeitung06 news
December 2014

C/O Berlin—Newspaper 06

The sixth issue of the C/O Berlin newspaper was redesigned to fit with the C/O Berlin Foundation’s revamped visual identity. The issue was dedicated to the reconstruction and completion of the new headquarters, Amerika Haus near Berlin’s Zoo station, and to the four opening exhibitions, »Magnum Contact Sheets«, »Will McBride—I Fell in Love with this City«, »Magnum—Picture Yourself« (an installation with photo booths), and »Luise Schröder—Working on Myth«. Naroska has been responsible for the concept and design of the newspaper since the very first issue. It is available free of charge at C/O Berlin in Amerika Haus.

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amh signage news
December 2014

Amerika Haus

Eleven unassuming blue metal letters, all uppercase, point the way into the Amerika Haus. They are attached ft he cube with the stylized American flag over the entryway. A distinctive and recognizable word mark. During the renovations, however, it became apparent that the lettering on the building was not the original from 1957. Tucked away deep within the former cinema, one ft he original letters: a single »A« was discovered. What a find! Unfortunately, it was impossible to identify the original font from the single letter. And without that, the rest ft he letters could not be reproduced. And thus began a process of meticulous reconstruction. With the aid of this sole letter and old photographs, Marc Naroska together with his design studio developed an uppercase font ft he Amerika Haus based on the historic model. Its unique character comes from the shifted horizontal bars in some ft he letters. This asymmetry alludes ft he deep-set structural lines ft he windows along the building’s facade. The new letters not only hang over the entry but are also found throughout the entire building as the signage font.

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santaverde agepro news
December 2014

Santaverde—Age Protect

The innovate anti-ageing cosmetic line Age Protect blends powerful active ingredients from natural sources to give mature skin everything it needs. The result is a radiant, smooth and even complexion. In accordance with this philosophy, Naroska developed distinctive, elegant packaging that fits in well with Santaverde’s other product lines.

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m100 news
December 2014

M100—Sanssouci Colloquium

Each year, the M100 Sanssouci Colloquium invites internationally renowned senior editors and opinion shapers to discuss current political, social and media-policy issues in Potsdam’s historical palaces and gardens. Over the years, the event has developed into a modern-day bridge-builder between East and West, fostering long-term dialogue and exchange between media representatives from different cultures and regions, and analysing the influence of different media on social and political processes around the world. True to the dictates of simplicity and conciseness, the word mark developed for M100 is based on a simple typographical equation, »1+1=M«. The design of the M100 Media Award, bestowed each year during the Colloquium, features an image of a human head in profile, made up of the countries of Europe. Naroska’s design for the prize reflects the institution’s ideal of »giving Europe a profile«.

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