Campaign / Exhibition

WATCHED! Surveillance, Art & Photography

C/O Berlin Foundation / Berlin, Deutschland
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WATCHED! Surveillance, Art & Photography
C/O Berlin Foundation
Video cameras in banks, department stores, and public spaces; algorithm-based advertising on the Internet; government data collection and private cloud storage—today, we take permanent observation and data sharing for granted as a normal part of our everyday lives. We follow friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we ourselves are constantly being observed and tracked. We profit from the new digital technologies and services and are willing to open up our private lives to public view more than ever. The exhibition was presenting the works of twenty international photo and video artists examining the complexities of modern surveillance and with it the relation between freedom and security in our digital society. Naroska used icons of an eye, a surveillance camera and binoculars as leitmotifs of the exhibition at C / O Berlin. The reduction to the icons increased the presence of the motifs in the city. They alternately found their use on posters, invitations, buttons, and t-shirts.