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Berlin, Germany
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Berlin, Germany
Michael Michalsky is one of the most influential German fashion designers alongside Karl Lagerfeld, Wolfgang Joop and Jil Sander. Naroska and Michalsky’s cooperation began when the fashion designer founded his own Michalsky label. The first step in the design overhaul was an analysis of the functionality and exclusivity of existing materials. The promotional material and packaging were then overhauled and upgraded with special materials and printing techniques. Naroska also developed lookbooks, presentation folders, invitation cards and a programme for the bi-annual fashion shows. As well as designing the print materials and packaging, Naroska developed a signage system for the penthouse offices of the Michalsky holding company. The signs are based on the Michalsky word mark. The visual focus of the space and the centrepiece of the signage system is a seven-metre-long word sculpture in the foyer.