Brigitte Waldach – Bleierne Zeit

Distanz Verlag / Berlin, Germany
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Brigitte Waldach – Bleierne Zeit
Distanz Verlag / Berlin, Germany
»When I read I see pictures, and when I draw, I see texts. I cannot conceive one domain without the other,« says Brigitte Waldach on her approach to her work. After producing many drawings on the theme of the »Rote Armee Fraktion« (RAF), mostly in gouache and red pigment pen, in 2011 she turned to using graphite and pencil. To a certain extent, she has thus made the material lead one of the foundations of her work. Words and text no longer serve to inform and describe content, but become part of the overall visual effect. Alongside her large-scale drawings on hand-made paper, Waldach also creates installations. The unusual concept for the book, »Bleierne Zeit / Leaden Time«, published by Distanz Verlag, was created in close collaboration with the artist. The book deliberately eschews conventional book formats. It begins and ends with drawings, and all the accompanying texts, the index of works and the exhibition images appear in the centre of the book. Different types of paper are used for the pages showing drawings and installations, allowing readers to use their sense of touch to distinguish between the two.